Monodevelop: Could not load project with unknown item type

I followed the course a bit more and made it to Section 2 Lesson 16 and got both these same problems there as well, but I first encountered them on this lecture.

When opening the script to edit it, Visual Studio opens up initially. After I close the login window for VS and cancel the start up, Monodevelop opens up (this could be just Monodevelop opening as normal and it was simply loading while I was closing VS.)

Once Monodevelop opens up, I get this error:

Could not load project ‘NumberWizard.csproj’ with unknown item type ‘{E097FAD1-6243-4DAD-9C02-E9B9EFC3FFC1}’

However, after clicking OK, it seems to open up fine.

Try forcing Unity to rebuild the project by closing Unity, then deleting the Temp folder and opening Unity again.

Where is the temp folder? I looked in the project folders and did not see it.

Here’s the root of an example project. I recommend deleting the files pointed at

That is the folder I had looked in, but the Temp folder was not there while Unity was closed, however it did appear when I opened Unity and once I closed Unity, it disappeared again. I deleted the other files as you said, reopened Unity and tried opening the C# file again and ran into the exact same problem.

Are you able to open a C# file in a fresh project? If not then you may need to reinstall Unity.

Reinstalling seems to have fixed it. Visual Studio opens up alone and no error is given. Thanks!

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