Model Car Project 1



Really impressive(this post is not suggested by the “challenge” in the course, for real): many compliments, for real. With few things a very impressive car model, very stylish :wink:


Modelling is not your work (as for me XD ), but very interesting the color adding :wink:



I may have gotten carried away and made a massive tesla tank…


with what are supposed to be gattling guns as protection between charges.


If you haven’t already, seriously consider looking at the Blender course(s) also… that’s a great model you have made there, within the limitations of Unity, Blender would give you creativity the room to really stretch :slight_smile:


I will definitely look into that, thank you!


Trying out the interface in community gamedev. Used Unity back in 2015 and now I started working with VR.
But I need to refresh C#.

 void Start()
        Debug.Log("Hello, My name is Paul");



Hello - I started the course awhile back but got busy with life. Now I have more time and am wanting to get back into it daily. Here is my first attempt and making a car with primitives and materials with colors.


My car


Hello I’m cheating and using this as my introduction as well as i keeping getting lost, my name is James and i’m from East Yorkshire in the UK. got carried away messing around, and not very productively, probably should move on to the next bit.


I too got this course a while ago and am only now starting it, I like the detail you’ve gone into it shows a good command of the program.


I have just started this course as well and here is my attempt for a car


Looks good. I like the color. Here is mine


Looks great!


Here is mine, i based it on my ratrod.


My car model.


Wow, well done lol


Kept mine simple!


Bit of fun