Mobile : Lectures (tag) are not Selectable

When trying to amend a post, I am unable to select the appropriate lecture tag, when I tap I am taken to search results showing the number of posts for that specific lecture rather than it populating the tag field.

On the desktop version you select by clicking with the mouse and the behaviour is as expected.

Hi Rob, these aren’t really designed to be assigned manually as there are so many of them. Generally the best way to tag is to follow the link in Resources.

Does this help / make sense?

It does, but obviously this was to place a post under the correct tag, after the OP popped it into the wrong one - a task I could perform on my laptop but not the mobile.

What’s the ‘OP’?

I can manually change the post if you link me too it, but more importantly I’m keen to fix the underlying source of the error

Original Poster

I managed to resolve it Ben, but it meant having to put my mobile down, get up, turn the laptop on, and use that in order to resolve it. I guess what I am saying is that the behaviour between the desktop and mobile versions was different, I was unable to select the lecture after using the suggestive search to set it, as when I did it loaded another page listing all of the topics that were set with that tag, rather than putting the value in the box and allowing me to submit it.

It’s only happened the once so far, but this one stood out because the student had mentioned that they had put it in the wrong place, that doesn’t mean there aren’t others which would need correcting, or that it wouldn’t happen again in the future.

I could raise it on the Discourse forum I suppose, but I wanted to run it passed you here first in case any of the previous changes that have been made may have caused it, I appreciate it is unlikely but felt it would look a bit silly to say “this doesn’t work” only to then be told “it’s because you’ve changed this” hehe :slight_smile:

Updated Fri Dec 09 2016 18:32

Updated Fri Dec 09 2016 21:41

One of the Discourse team will be checking this out next week, another user had raised the same issue also.

Cool, Im guessing this is staying open until @discourse revert then?

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Ah sorry, I forgot to look at it. Will look tomorrow. I definitely reproduced weird behaviour on my Android phone.

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Thanks Neil - and my bad @ben for not chasing this directly sooner! :slight_smile:

FYI I fixed this bug today. It will be applied here in our next round of deployments. Thanks for reporting it!

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Thanks @neil1, really appreciated :slight_smile:

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