Missing video on RenewPins()?

Hi there. I’ve really been enjoying this course but I’ve noticed that there seems to be no video documentation on creating the RenewPins(). The previous section talks about how “we will get to that in another video” and then this video begins with the issue of instantiated pins falling through the floor. The next section then goes on to tidying and refactoring and just mentions how clean the script is. The script is there on the screen so I think I can figure the rest out, but it was confusing. I had to jump around videos to see that I was just not going get a step-by-step. I know Ben wants us to figure these things out for ourselves and I’ve been able to achieve a lot of the challenges but it is always nice to have “confirmation.”

Not sure what you mean - it is in this video at the beginning where RenewPins() is defined in the PinSetter script. It is basically just instantiating the prefab.

Thanks for taking the time to answer, though this time I’m not sure what you mean - in this video? Can you give me a time-stamp? I saw no such step in the video where you see the pin set get dragged into the inspector. Doesn’t matter at this point as I did figure this out eventually so all’s well that ends well.

RenewPins is created (with more than just the basic debug log output) at 3:11.
Creating the public variable to hold the pin set is at 1:20.

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