Mirror modifier not scaling edge loops right

Having strange behaviour with trying to create the knight using the mirror modifier.

The pivot is set to the median point of selection but it is not accounting for the reflection so the pivot is offset inside one half causing scaling to skew.

I can work around scaling the edge loops initially by setting the 3d cursor to the centre and pivoting to cursor but I have to reposition the 3d cursor after EVERY change.

In the video it just works so what am I doing wrong? :cry:

SOLVED WITH PLUGIN - kind of… I think…

(replying incase anyone else has this issue too)

After a lot of searching it appears this problem has been around since at least 2011!!! So I don’t quite get why it looked right in the video, unless it was such a small scaling that it was not noticable.

However, I found this reddit post which offers a way to quickly snap the cursor to the slected object and set X position as 0 from the search function.

It’s far from perfect but a much more efficient way then having to do this manually all the time.

Please feel free to share any better solutions :slight_smile:

Somewhere in your editing process (at the beginning), you probably moved, grabbed vertices, edges, faces…
Where unintended your local origin was shifted, thus the center of the half circle was shifted.

I use ‘S’ scale, then ‘Shift+Z’, to scale on the X/Y plane.

If you are in object mode, where lies your “origin”. It must be in 0,0,0.

Origin is 0,0,0, I even started a new file using just using a base cylinder, created it in the centre and made sure it’s origin was 0,0,0, and in edit mode constrained scale to the X and Y axis only, still the same problem.

Scaling in object mode uses the origin, but in edit mode it is scaling against the ‘median point’ which is where the 3D gizmo is even in the video (not the origin, there doesn’t even seem to be a setting for this).

@theDoodleGuy Sorry! for my hasty and misleading response.

This is your situation;
Your object ORIGIN is not the center of your object - as seen by 3D-cursor.

Be sure your 3D-cursor is in the middle, coordinates 0,0,0.
You can fix that with pressing Shift-c

Then select a different pivot point, see the RED DOT.
From median point to PIVOT point.
Your local is now shifted to the 3D-cursor.

Now you can scale !

Press ‘s’ in edit mode, immediately followed by Shift-z.
This allows you to scale on the x-y plane.

In one of the lessons, Michael will also explain this.
Don’t give up.

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Thanks for the response.
Yeah that’s the solution I figured out initially before posting this, the main issue is when you start rotating the loop so the centre pivot is then redundant.

The add-on I found through that reddit post allows me to reposition the 3d cursor to the centre of the current selection and then clears the offset on the X axis which solves the problem completely with less clicks.
However, I actually found the easiest and fastest solution was actually to create the main shape of the head before cutting it in half and adding the mirror modifier to adjust the form and add the details :slight_smile:

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