Minion Time :)

I went for a Minion this time ^^. My next steps would be Rig him and make a short Animation ^^.


looks like the forum cut off part of your post @Manu_Scheller, I think the bit missing was…

_"…and add a sound effect with him saying bell-ooooooh!"

:smiley: :smiley:

Nice work, the little guy looks great :slight_smile:

If you have a SketchFab account and have uploaded your model you can paste the URL directly into the forum and we can admire your minion in all of his 3D magic :slight_smile:

See also;

Oh thanks, i actually wondered how i could upload him 3d :wink:
Or i eventually make him run in circles around a ---------> BANANA :smiley: :banana:

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hehe… now I want to see this even more!! :smiley:

Not sure if you are taking any of the other courses (Unity / Unreal?), if not, there are I’m sure plenty of other students who would love to have the opportunity to interact with your model in a game, definitely would need the rigging - but could be a nice way to do some collaborative work, even if just for fun. There is a specific collaboration sub-category on the forum, if you are interested.

For some reason I am drawn to replacing the bowling pins with 10 minions in the Unity course :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Here’s The Sketchfab Link :wink:

Although, i realized in sketchfab i got an issue with the surface rendering of the minion’s right side, where you can see like two vertical lines. But the Mesh looks pretty normal in Blender. Cycles and Blender - Renderer render that part normal.


heheeee… how wonderful is that!!

So much fun to be had here now…hehe… :smiley:

Really like this model, the boots are great and the attention to detail (his bottom!), the glass on his mask and his eye… really really like this! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rob :slight_smile:

If i have some free time at the weekend, i will rig him and Update him :wink:

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That would be great, would love to see him moving, you’ve done a great job on this little guy :slight_smile:


Very smart, yeah the detail was fab, the glass caught my eye while spinning Stuart around and thought “ooo cool touch”

Keep it up, and keep us posted if you have a tinker with animations too please.


Thanks OboShape :slight_smile:

i will definitely update you guys about the animation progress :slight_smile:

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I’ve just had a thought, which has led to a question for you.

Is the “eye” part of the main character, or, part of the goggles? I only ask, as potentially you could use the main body of the character and simply change the goggles to create quite a variety of these little guys.

…my mind rapidly took me down the road of a lost minion searching in some dark world trying to find other minions, using his goggles for illumination… different goggles could be effectively “upgrades” which light more of the area… I stopped at this point as I realised my mind had run wild with someone elses work and idea :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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I like your thoughts so far :slight_smile:
The Goggle is a separate object, so it’s re-usable for multiple goggles, or in this case, lights ^^.

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This might even be a good idea for a “small” Unity Game :wink:

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That’s what I was thinking. The standard assets model, ethan, has a pair of shades which you can have, or not have… so the setup here is quite similar. Being able to change eye colour might be nice too…

FPS with banana rockets and fart-guns could be a whole world of fun!!! :smiley:

gah… can’t stop myself…

One of those evil minions (purple ones) would be great, you could have an “infected” version of a first person shooter like in Call of Duty… lolol… run around tagging all the other normal minions trying to make them infected (purple) too!

Ok, I will shut up now! :smiley:

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Lot’s of great ideas :smiley:
I should start check the copyright for the minions, and hurry up make a game of it :smiley:

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Must be “licensable”… no idea how much that would cost mind… there is already a Minion Dash game/app that has been out for quite some time but I’m pretty sure there’s room in the market for something else :slight_smile:

Illumination / Universal?

I didn’t have much time, and make a nice Animation would be a little time consuming, so i just did a simple one.
Once more, after Upload to sketchfab i realized some problems.


hehe, this is awesome… what a great model… hehe… you’ve done really well on this - congrats :slight_smile:


Thanks Rob :slight_smile:

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