Minimalistic roman spear

Hello Guys, here is my first Model build within the Challenge in Lecture 11.
It’s a minimalistic looking spear inspired by the romans with a “INRI” on a Sign under the tip.

I added an independent look at the detail on the sign in perspective an orthographic viewtypes.

I would ike to hear your meanings and recommendments.

Daniel Schaller

That’s a clever way to use the assigned shapes in the challenge. I dig the addition of the letters. Excellent use of primitives! Great job!

Thank you for your reply and opinion on my work.
I am hyped up to see more and more of this Course, because the potential is visible within the first section, which is honestly not the average to expect from online courses.

Me too! I’ve set aside a certain block of time during the week to take this course and I’m so excited over what I’m already able to do that I’ve gone overtime today by an hour and a half. :smile:

Well, priorities have to be set, haven’t they?
I sadly ain’t got the time to be on this course on a daily base , but I’m looking forward to a long term realtionship with this Community.

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