Mini farm house

Hello all! Here’s my on-going project. I keep adding to is as I go deeper into the environment course. Just added the materials and some soil tiles in the back that I hope to fill up with plants. If you have any ideas (for the plants or any other details I could add), please let me know.


Awhh that house is so cuteee!
I’m no modeling expert, but I think adding some trees and vegetation would make me super sure I want to live there haha

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That’s a really good idea. I’ll try adding vegetation around the scene to make it come to life a bit.

I love the lightpost and fence. You could put some vegetable or corn in that garden :smiley:
I would dare to light it up a bit more even if its dark. Maybe some light coming from inside the house? :smiley:
Overal a fun scene :+1:

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Here’s the scene updated. Added some vegetation (trees and bushes) and made some window frames.

I tried to add some lights on the windows, but I realised I have another problem to deal with first. Since each window is a single mesh object, I can’t seem to paint it in two colours. If anyone knows how I can do that, please help. (I’m guessing it’s something to do with nodes? And/or UV editing and Texture Paint?)