Midsection Challenge - The Falling Sky

I’ve discovered that making nature scenes in a stylized manner is my favorite thing to do. I do have a couple of things to fix here though, I need to scale the grass way down, bring the camera into a lower perspective, and add trees that are much bigger than the grass but smaller than the foreground rocks.

New(Tried to make the meteorites look hot):



Interesting meteorites. The problem being they ‘burn’ from entering the atmosphere, hence reentry space vehicles have heat shields facing the front. The hottest brightest bit should be the front, not a cold dark front and flaming tail.

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true, the meteorites are just something I was experimenting with. My main focus was the fire, but I updated the meteorites to look like their hot. I’d like to believe this isn’t bad for someone with two days of modeling experience. (Thanks for the input though, I actually didn’t even really think about this either :smiley: )

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