Midsection challenge - simple blender

I doubted if I should also start uploading pictures of my models, but I think it’s a good way to learn more. So here it goes!
For the mid-section challenge I made this blender.
I guess next steps would be to learn how to make the glass and to create more detailed interface :).


Nice Blender! Making Blender in Blender is a nice meta :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community!

Do share, don’t doubt yourself. We are all here to learn form each others and sometimes get inspirations as well :slight_smile:


Thank you @bOBaN !
Haha yes I didn’t know what to make so I thought why not a blender.

Yes definitely, I have been looking at others work a lot, very nice to see for inspiration and their personal progress :+1:


Great looking juicer mixer. Made in Blender.
Most parts would be helped by right clicking and shading smooth. Smoothie(ing) the facets away.

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Thanks, will try that!

Cute blender. Reminds me of both the Brave Little Toaster, and MST3K’s Tom Servo. Great first render!

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can’t wait until i figure out how to do curved edges. exciting.

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Hi @tiger-eats-tacos,
I made them with Bevel in edit mode.
Easy way to round the edges :slight_smile: I’m also still a beginner and learning!

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