Mid-section (section 2) Challenge


Here’s my mid-section challenge project. Biggest struggle for me is getting a hang of lighting. Especially when trying to lighten up the sky.

C&C much appreciated!


For me, as a viewer, the camera position is too high.
Like I am looking from the third level from a other building.
But there is no indication that there are more buildings.

A quick way is to use a SUN lamp type. You’re outside, so use a sun!.

The environmental background is also part of this light complexity. It emits light with chosen color and given intensity.
Some people will use an image as a background. Or use HDRI (special 360 environmental) images.

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Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback! I’ve applied your suggestions and this is what I’ve come up with.

I didn’t change the three-point lighting system I had. The light types in the scene were set to Sun however. Is using Suns for three-point lighting pointless?

I add a building, lowered the viewpoint, and changed the artificial background (plane) to a world background with specific color.

Anyway here is the final product. Now moving on to the next section :slight_smile:

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What do you think?
It has a more “city” feeling, I think. Building rising up.

In the real world we have only one sun (lamp).
But as an artist, you are free to use more suns in the scene.
Because of the special lamp type. Here creativity and playing with lights is important.
In my lastest project I use 7 lights.

Have fun!

Much better indeed, thank you :slight_smile: