Mid-section Challenge - still not got the hang of roofs yet

wow looked at some peoples work on this section and i feel like i have not done enough :smiley:

well here is my moonlit block saloon:

i hate the roof!


Still a great start! Nice lighting.


thank you

It is a good start.
Rooves overhang the walls so the rain does not just run down the face of the wall. Plus guttering can catch the run off and send it down a pipe, iff adding such detail. But just overhanging will give the appearance needed. At a simple stage you could probably achieve that easiest by making the rooves separately, rather than being the top of the walls ‘box’.

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@NP5 that’s what I was wondering how to make and attach a roof to it but I was not sure how to do that at that point I’d just done the lecture on merging verts aswell so all my mind was thinking was oh just merge it together :laughing: I’m gonna go back to this at a later time as I do want to do a western type of scene as my end goal hopefully get some wildlife in there too like a horse on a horse hitch outside etc. Thanks for the feed back I’ll definitly think about the guttering aswell

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