Mid-Section Challenge: Pirate Inspired Ship

My finalized Mid-Challenge render! It’s a pirate inspired ship with a simple plain background.
Please leave feedback, I would love to improve my work as good as possible!


A great model! Lots of details.

Ofcousr you can add details, but to do that you need to follow the course.
Maybe a small rowing boat? Or canons …

If you use the sun lamp type, increase the sun angle for softer shadows.

have fun!


Nice pirate ship.Looks great.
As FedPete said, as you follow in the course you will learn how to make the scene much more amazing.
You can add ropes,flags,a hanging anchor at the front,canons,sea birds sitting at the top or flying,sky,small low poly people like objects,uneven detail in the water,a mermaid in the water(that will be soo cool!) etc… if you want.But in order to create more details you have to progress in the course.Learn new things and rework the scene as you go.Soo have fun dude!!


Love it, and your own style is shining through :slight_smile:


Colour and model choice lend well to each other. Your model is fine.

If you want to improve your scene without having to add any more details, just add some dramatic camera angles. It is amazing how a simple camera change can improve a render’s look.

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