Mfr Noonan's Math Race (Number Wizard adaptation)

I went a bit crazy with my idea and went way off the Number Wizard idea. It is now a Math game for the 4 basic operations. I did a little searching through the Unity references to find Input UI code, translations and audio source usage. Can you beat the AI to the top of the board?


It looks very interesting! I will try it now!

There is a bug! I can’t type the number! I have some suggestions for you: 1. Is to use countdown in every section. 2. Is two remove these two boys 3. Use different fonts then the available one these fonts they look weird I suggest using cartoon fonts you can find the fonts here: choose carefully the fonts and don’t pick anyone and make sure that is free for commercial use. 4. Is to replace the man face with a cartoonish thinker face. 5. Replace the available music if you want you can make music with this app: or you can find music here: or here: Great game! Keep going and never give up!

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Thank you so much for not only playing my game but then taking the time to give me feedback for it!

I don’t know why the typing didn’t work for you. It works perfectly in both Chrome and Edge for me. I tested it again before writing this. I agree with the fonts. I did pick them quickly without too much thought. I think the issue with the music is that they don’t really match each other, again just stock music I picked pretty quickly to finish. The man is me. Because I made this mainly for the kids I teach, I wanted to put my face as a connection with them.

With the timer, the boy on the right is the timer. I wanted to use a different mechanic than the usual number timer. If you are an adult you might not feel the pressure of the AI boy to ‘Race to the top’ but I timed it around my own kids answering the questions. The AI puts a lot of pressure on them and works as a timer that way.

Thanks so much for the feedback!!! It helped me reflect on some polish components I can contemplate for the next game I try to create.

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It is my pleasure to give you feedback! And I did understand your replies! Thank you so much for your reply! You said that also that typing did not work for you. So try to make the game downloadable version.

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If that doesn’t work tell me!

I have some new suggestions for you 1. You said that the image is yours so try to add a cartoonish image of yours as you are thinking, to feel the player that you are thinking about the number. 2. You said that the two boys you are using them as a timer so remove the left one and keep the right one. 3. As the right boy is going to the top add a down color start light and it became darker as it goes to the top. 4. As the boy is going to the top and down color it changes add an SFX of the clock as the boy is going to the top make the sound became higher but not too high. 5. Is to remove the image from the main menu, and make the buttons bigger. I hope that will helps you!

Nice game. I liked it.

So the boy on the right is on a timer, and the one on the left is based on how many questions you answered correctly. Is that right? It wasn’t immediately obvious.

Maybe an hour glass for the timer or a clock.

Other than that it was great work. I was thinking of something similar but changed my mind at the last moment.

I liked the music by the way.


Thank for playing my game and your feedback!

I agree that the timer isn’t immediately obvious. I actually had to tell the kids I teach that’s what was happening. They didn’t get it at all, until they lost…

I like the music too but I think it was a bit mismatched. I will try and keep a consistent theme for the next game.

Thanks for the feedback!!


I love this type of “brain” games, really cool.

Just one piece of feedback.
I think you have predetermined questions since some keep repeating themselves, that’s kinda ok, but the moment you get the same question 3 times straight, well, it just isn’t fun, try to make it more random, there are several ways to do it with, and without predetermined questions.


Thanks for playing my game!
I used Random.range() for both numbers so you must be really unlucky to get the same question 3 times in a row. If the answer was wrong the question stays until you get it correct.

I could’ve had the numbers in an array, selected them and then removed them but that seems like a lot of work for some quick random questions. Plus I don’t really know how to do that yet…

Thanks for playing my game!!