Mesh collider placed below pin in Unity

When I select the mesh to use for the mesh collider, it gets placed below the pin.

I’m not sure why.
When I think about it, I not sure why it would know the correct placement either, since I don’t have the normal controls to manually change XYZ positions, as for a simple shape collider.
How does Unity decide where to put it?

This course is of course focusing on Blender but I’m hoping someone can hop in and point out what I’m doing wrong.
I’ve been using Unity for a few months now and the reason I’m learning blender is first of all to use it with Unity, so i want to learn as much as possible!

Hi, I’ve no real Unity experience! But that said, the things which confuses me at the beginning, is that the Object and the Mesh inside are different entities. And thus different coordinates, scaling, positioning.

For example;
You select in Blender your object add drag (G) the object on the z-ax, one unit up.
you can do the same thing, when you have your object in EDIT mode.
In EDIT mode, select all faces, edges or vertices and drag (G) the stuff, one unit up.

Visually nothing different, but internally it’s a big change. For example your local center of mass, of the object, has changed.
In the first it’s shifted one unit up (because you did the object). in the second, you moved vertices, but you local center of mass stayed on the same position. And that one is used (i think) to position you mesh collider.

Select your object, then try Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C, to change the center of mass to “Origin to center of mass”.

Also maybe reset some transition, with on OBJECT MODE, menu ‘Object’, ‘Apply …’ location, etc. (Ctrl+A).


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