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These have become wired to badges now? No longer editable? I was trying to clear mine again (keeps getting populated) but now I can’t?


Assumed was a default (like null) - rather than an option! Have set it to that, but, are you keeping them only wired to badges now, no longer free text?

Hmm not sure, good question. Can you see settings with your privileges?

Nope… have an option for Admin but doesn’t allow configuration access.

I have cleared my title a few times , no biggy, I assumed it would be on going for a while and caused by the addition of lifers as mentioned before.

They do seem to have become wired to badges, I can’t see anywhere to change this. Are you happy to close this issue for now, or do you want to feature request to Discourse?

I down suppose it’s a particularly high priority item. Definitely change since the other day though.

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@ben - it appears that this field is now free text again?

Hey @Ben - I spotted that the “Title” field on the member profiles has reverted to a drop down for badges again from free-text. (It was free-text yesterday, drop down today)…

Lifetime Member has reappeared as my title again? Any ideas what causes this?


…and again - 18/08/2016

…and again - 02/09/2016

…and again - 28/09/2016

Hmm Discourse updates I suspect, does it bother you?

A bit yeah…

I didnt really want to advertise that I was a lifer equally I dont add “moderator” as I dont want to be seen as being a bit up my own bottom… so for now was trying to leave it blank… but something keeps causing it to reset…

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