Meet the Team

Here is our merry team, in the order they joined us…

Ben Tristem

Hi, I’m Ben… thanks for stopping by.

After 35 years of being addicted to learning, I decided to turn my addition to the benefit of others in 2014 by teaching a passion of mine - video game development. Since then we have gone from strength-to-strength thanks to our partners at

Our mission is to make all aspects of game development accssible to talented students worldwide. This includes teaching coding in C# and C++ from scratch, game design, 3D modelling, 2D art and more. We will show you hands-on how to do this in Unity, Unreal, Blender and more.

Oh, sorry, I couldn’t help myself… this is supposed to be about me. Really though, it’s about YOU and your learning so let’s move on :slight_smile:

Lucy Becker

Hi I’m Lucy - nice to meet you!

Before I started working with Ben in 2013 I worked for several multi-billion dollar organisations, travelling around the world and organising stuff. My passion has always been start-ups and small businesses though; I love helping companies share their stories with the world.

So in 2012 I set up Spotty Octopus with the aim of helping businesses get rid of the jargon & corporate speak and adding a human element to business stories. Another part of Spotty was growing and nurturing communities for companies online.

And, hopefully, that’s how I help Ben and – organising stuff, writing the non-techie bits online and helping you guys where I can

Mike Bridges

Hi Everyone!

I have been playing with technology ever since I could get my hands on it.

As a Child I happily dissembled my father’s VCR (you remember those, right?) He wasn’t happy but soon I learn to put things together again so that they worked too!

I have been playing with CGI ever since Paint Deluxe on the Amiga 500 in the 80’s through to the likes of Blender and GIMP today.

It is such a pleasure to be part of such an amazing community of students

That’s it for me, I’m now going to hop on over… :wink:

Sam Pattuzzi

Hi I’m Sam, pleasure to meet you.

I wrote my first game at 14, hacking together little games in Macromedia Flash during my summer holidays. Not long after I taught myself C++ followed by Python and web programming. I was hooked.

In 2010 I went to study Computer Science at the University of Cambridge and I’ve been here ever since. This is where I caught the entrepreneurial bug and I realised I wouldn’t want a traditional job for long. So after a few years working in various jobs to get experience, I quit and started burning through my saving looking for my calling.

At the end of 2015, I was coaching some friends to improve their programming skills. Realising how much I loved it, I started creating online courses and reached out to Ben for help. Next thing I know, I’m part of the gang and get to hang out with our awesome community!

Rick Davidson

Hi, I’m Rick, nice to meet you all.

Rick Davidson has been making video games for a living for more than 13 years as a Designer, Producer, Creative Director, and Executive Producer, creating games for console, mobile, PC and Facebook. He founded an Indie game studio, Inspirado Games, which was acquired in 2012 by Electronic Arts / PopCap. He has worked on cool IPs such as Mario, Transformers, Captain America and Mortal Kombat and created successful new IPs from scratch (such as “GardenMind” which was nominated for Canadian Game of the Year in the social / mobile category).

As a qualified Career Coach, Rick has helped thousands of people achieve their dream of making games for a living - both as Indie Game Developers and as valuable game industry employees.

You can get to know us all a lot better by participating here, joining our Discord server, or better still joining one of our courses.


Nice to meet you guys! @sampattuzzi, @Rick_Davidson, Mike, don’t slack on the introductions! :wink:


:scream: You got me.

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Hope that’s better :wink:


That was really quick, well played and nice to meet you Sam! :slight_smile:

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Nice to meet everyone! Can’t wait to continue on with the Unity RPG Creator course!

nudge to @Rick_Davidson and @Michael_Bridges

Thanks for the reminder Sam, I’ve added mine above. :slight_smile:

Nudge Accepted thanks Sam :slight_smile:

Nice, looking good and complete.

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