Medieval Building 2

This is another building I been working on for a different class and I am finally done with it. It seemed to take forever to complete. I am not overly fond of the chimney though.

I uploaded this to Sketchfab but the textures didn’t import for some reason. Are way to many to do them by hand so is just a blank building. Tried doing the SketchFab Export in Blender and it always gives me errors.


Wow!! I love it!

Looking good! If you’re not happy with the chimney then I’d suggest looking up photos of medieval houses with chimneys and trying to use them as a basis for what it should look like. I just google image searched it and I’d suggest you don’t use the CG photos as a basis, the real life photo results are better

Very well done! I like it!

Yes, I have been looking around for different historical chimneys I could use to tweak this after turning the building in for the course lecture. Google is my Bestie! Not satified with those either! No, CG photos or projects are not very accurate when doing historical buildings, although I do tend to ooo and aaaa most of those photos hoping I can get to that skill level at some point.

Thanks, Kimset! I am glad you like it.

That’s amazingly well done, Especially the texture work. Do you plan on using it in a scene?

Thank you for the kind words! I am taking a different Blender course as well as this Blender course with Michael. I think at some point all the buildings we create are for an actual scene.

Morgaine, are you also doing the coarse of Rob Tuytel? “Creating 3D enviroments in blender”?
I was, but when i got at the texture node configurations with mixing this and that and bump this and connect that i got kinda lost xD.

So i switch to this cource to slow down a bit :smile:

Yes, RSillence, I am doing Rob Tuytel’s Creating 3D Environments Blender Course. It is an interesting course and does things differently than Micheal & Ben’s Blender Course. I am glad I took Micheal & Ben’s Course (LOL or the majority so far have more to finish) first. I don’t feel Rob’s course is really for Blender Beginners; it feels more like an Intermediate course to me since he doesn’t spend a lot of time explain the how or why of things. Stick with Micheal and Ben’s course; they provide a very firm foundation for Beginners and is very helpful in Rob’s course to know this information.

If you can get past the Chapter 3, the “Fence” project, it gets much easier. I am working on Chapter 5 and so far we have just been modeling and applying textures. We haven’t worked anymore with Cycle Nodes. Like you, I find the whole Cycles Node thing pretty daunting.

I did find a cool YouTube you might be interested in. It shows you how to create your own Material Nodes Library for future use so I am going back to the Fence lesson (at some point) and create his set-up for future use! :slight_smile: It would be nice if someone did a separate short course for beginners on using Cycle Nodes by creating some beginner projects and walking you from simple to complex note set-ups. There are way to many different nodes and very different set-ups so is very confusing!

Good Luck on your courses. Can’t wait to see some of your work.

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