Mayan Pyramid S2 L32

First off, some of my incremental snapping doesn’t line up as I didn’t use the clean numbers they did in the lecture when building… by bad…

I created my rails in a different way which actually seems quicker and easier. I created new edges and faces with 2 Loop Cuts (Ctrl R) along the ramp. I then moved these to be on either side near the edges of the ramp. I selected the top faces and extrude up (Z plane), I did the same with the top step sections. I then snap joined the two top edges of the railing to the top step top edges of railing. Lastly, at the bottom, I selected the two top edges of the railing and moved them back (Y axis I think) so that the bottom edge was vertical.

I then selected all and CTRL N, followed by Removing Doubles. (26 vertices were cut)

And voila!

Now… before you all jump on me about the extra useless faces created elsewhere in the model by Loop Cutting all the way through, I AM aware. I think I can just delete the unnecessary edges and thus faces and all will be cool.

OOOHH! I just noticed that the Right Ortho window is incorrectly displaying the model. Doesn’t show the railing at all. Not sure why but when I moved it it all showed up… quirky software sometimes.

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