Mayan Pyramid . opacity question



I just finished my pyramid with railings - have not treated the top yet - and after my last save, I am seeing it now in like a half opacity in edit mode. I can see the lines of other parts beneath the skin so to speak. Is this normal or have I touched a button or setting I am not aware of …

, I think that shows it…

thank you for any response


It happens sometimes to me too, but only when I use “OpenGL Render Image” twice. Certainly a bug in Blender, but it’s not really annoying.


so … how did you fix it… do I have to rebuild it from scratch ? thank you for the replies


oh wait… never mind ,…I found the answer to this one


Glad to hear that you have solved your problem. How did you do ? It maybe could be useful to others.


In this case it was just a button on the lower selection bar … image , The one two left from the magnet that looks like two connect the dots squares …


Thanks for the information. If it happens to me, I know what to do now!