Mayan Pyramid (New ways of thinking) - Part 1

I am learning that there are many ways of creating a 3D model. Therefore I thought of trying a different way of building my Mayan Pyramid.

The first step is to create a 1/4 pyramid, then remove vertices and faces so that it is hollow inside. Using linked duplicates I would create the other 3 parts so that as soon as I modify one part, the others will follow - after all the design needs to be symmetrical. When I am happy with the result I will hopefully manage to join them together as one object.

Continued in another post (Part 2) as this forum does not allow adding more images due to me being a new user…

You used “Linked duplicates” … it will work!
But how about the mirror modifier … you need two of them. But further in the course (chessboard) this will be explained.

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