Mayan Pyramid Challenge

Looks like something straight out of PlayStation-1 >.> but eh…


Look great :slight_smile:

@Mihaela_Emilia Thank you very much :smiley:

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How long did it take?

Around two hours I think, render and all. I have no idea what I was doing when it came to the texturing nodes >.>, was pretty much stabbing in the dark there.

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Well that’s always fun to not know what you’re doing but in the end to see you actually knew :wink:

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That’s the one thing I love/hate about all this modeling stuff… there are techniques, and there are basic tools, but there’s no right way to do something… You mess with it and mess with it, and if the end it looks good then you’ve done it “right” :stuck_out_tongue:

Though it would be beneficial to learn what half those nodes do <.<, back to the course I suppose! xP

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It has its ups and downs, i complicated myself on a challenge instead of going simple, I’m still pretty new at the modelling but i’m enjoying it even the times i get frustrated :))))

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It’ll get easier with time. And I know right? It’s so fun! It’s like playing with pladoh for adults :smiley:

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Something like that :slight_smile:

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