Mayan Pyramid Attempt S2-L26

Hee-ho, doods!

So this is my attempt at the Mayan Pyramid prior to the solution being done, which I seemed to have done accurately!

Edit #1: So in Lecture 28 when learning the edge cut/loop I tied doing the solution on my own however did go straight into blender but couldn’t quiet make the edges straight. :frowning: I had to listen to the solution otherwise if I had done what I did, i’d of had a wide ramp. I was hinted but thought it wasn’t using two loop cuts in the middle so that was entirely my error.

I’m not sure how to do more to it besides this basic attempt. :frowning: I’m happy that i’m getting to grips with the UI and Blender ingeneral that I can attempt on my own! If anyone has any ideas to improve/critiques please feel free to post! :slight_smile:

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