Matzieq's progress on finishing dungeon with a dot at the end

So I started fiddling around with Unity today, and made some progress. I think I have something that is going in the right direction. The goal is a minimal lo-res mobile grid-based dungeon crawler with random encounters and deadly traps. Primarily because I want to have a streamlined wizardry clone on my phone. And yes, it’s called “dungeon.”

I’m at the analysis paralysis video, and thus I’ve got a confession to make - I’m an engine/framework hopper. I love to try out different programming languages/frameworks and make pongs with them, but if I stay with one for a week I start looking outside for a new shiny. I’ve made a game or three with Phaser, Haxeflixel, GameMaker studio 1.4, vanilla javascript, 6502 assembly for Atari 2600 (!) and Unity. But my understanding of these technologies is very superficial. Well, except for javascript, I’m a front end developer, so I know it pretty well. I made the prototype of dungeon. with Love2D at first, and then started doing the same thing in unity. Now I’m considering going back to javascript and making it a web game. I know what I should do - just pick whatever and stick with it, they aren’t that much different anyway. Therefore, since I got the farthest with this prototype with the use of Unity, I’m going to commit to sticking to Unity for the duration of this specific project.

And here’s what I have so far:

Nothing new to show for now, but I’ve finished the course about finishing, and as for the game I’m doing some “dark work”, creating controller scripts, representations for various entities (characters, monsters, items) and researching turn based RPGs.

I’m on an engine hopping relapse now, but hopefully I’ll get better soon. For now, I’ve made a character selection screen and a script for representing the characters in the game. I’m looking for ways to limit the scope of the project without sacrificing the core of what I’m trying to do. Do you think we could live without a real inventory? I’m considering limiting loot to just gold which can then be used to pay for upgrades to equipment. So it’d be kind of like the first Dragon Quest: if you buy a better sword, your old sword goes away. And when it comes to consumables - I don’t think that the first wizardry had anything like health potions, so why should I?