Materials Not Working

Why Won’t my materials in this .blend file work?Skeleton.blend (463.9 KB)

looks like you do not have any…

you see in the materials tab is no material…
Skeleton.blend (427.4 KB)
i made you a simple material to work with. Hope i could have helped you

Huh, I had a problem with the materials pixelating weird, but maybe it was just a mistake I made because it works in your file

my material works in my file or your first one?

I made another material and they both work

a ok. then good luck with your skeleton

Thanks! I hope to post it on the unity asset store, or make a game with it.

You have another problem on this one. Deactivate the mirror modifier and look at the object from the front
Here’s a Screenshot. Everyhing left to the red line I draw shouldn’t exist, because then you’ll get overlapping meshes. You will see this problem when you activate the mirror modifier again and look at it in rendered mode, that there are weird clipping errors, meshes colliding in each other.

Also I would suggest going into edit mode, select all (A) and then hit SPACE and search for “Remove Doubles”. Because you have, perhaps while extruding, 4 vertices which aren’t necessary.

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