Martian vehicles

I have a few ideas on what I want to have trundling across the Martian landscape , Im not 100% convinced i like what Ive done , but there will be time to add and change the final piece lol.
I really like the spider legged vehicle , but just doing the thumbnail was daunting enough lol , I may change my mind and make that my final piece :slight_smile:


This is so cool

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I think I’m being biased by a design I’ve seen before which I will spoiler-mark in case you’d rather not see the similarities


Low Altitude Assault Transport
All Terrain Tactical Enforcer
All Terrain Open Transport

but I don’t think those designs are nice just because of the series they’re in and I see a similar charm and ability to be interesting and iconic in the top right walker design.
Fortunately I can think of more to say than just make comparisons. Wheels are cool, but I think there’s a greater charm to watching artificial legs be proof of amazing engineering, show of animation if it were an animated game and conquering terrain wheels often can’t. You can play with characters and clearance, having allies as well as enemies bob and weave between the legs.
The 3 rounded windows spread out across the vehicle just seems to carry this greater sense of exploration than having just one big one in the front, especially if you imagine the player being inside the vehicle and looking out onto the world.
Certainly all the designs have charm points especially when you think about them as interactive game assets, but I feel you really made something a cut above the rest with that top-right design :+1: