Mars Marine Extended

Hi all,
I finished my version of Mars Marine. I decided to spend some more time on this and use some of the free unreal market assets, so I converted it to a third-person shooter.

So with help of some YT tutorials, here we are :> I don’t want these blueprints to go to waste, so I’m leaving my project files here, in case someone would want to have a look at my code or straight on copy parts of it (feel free to do so :>) if you would like to check some simple systems like quest log, upgrade system, camera control, weapon recoil, health indicator connected to lights on character suit, or spawn system for the random size of aliens (and stats adequate for size)

Had a ton of fun in doing this, so big thanks for this course, as I finally was able to learn blueprints and now can move on to create games :>

“Shipping” build
Debug build
Project Files

Wonderful job taking the project and making it your own, keep up the good work!

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