Mars Lander Inspired Project Boost



I went with a wider, flatter shaped rocket for a “lunar lander on Mars but with caves” feel.

Play Online Here Link


Space = Boost
A = Rotate Left
D = Rotate Right


Fly to the landing pad without hitting the environment.

Custom Additions

Destructible “fuel” blocks
Restart on same level after crash

Teaser Video


I think is my favorite after testing two other.
I liked that I did not have to restart from the beginning.
Perhaps one thing I did not understand was the blue cubes. First i thought the where obstacles.



Hey Ben,

Well done on completing this section of the course and publishing your game :slight_smile:

The flatter shape of the ship certainly made the controls feel very different to other student versions of this game, that was quite interesting and provided a challenge in itself.

I like the concept of the fuel containers you’ve added, obviously at the moment there doesn’t appear to be a fuel consumption or restocking, but that wouldn’t be too hard for you to engineer at this point - I would like to play it again with that feature! :slight_smile:

On a related note, the one thing I did find which felt a bit unexpected was the collision with the fuel containers. My expectation was that the ship would fly through them and continue on it’s journey at the same velocity, but because of the rigidbody the ship actually lost velocity and came to a stop. It is obviously your game and you are free to create it however you wish, but if you’ve not tried it yet, I would suggest experimenting with those fuel containers to using triggers for collision, this would allow the ship to continue moving as it was before the collision. Again, just as a test, you don’t need to keep it that way if you don’t like it.

I really hope you add the fuel usage as a feature to this game, this would really influence your level design then also. :slight_smile: