Marks Manx Dune Buggy Under construction

My very first car that i had on a tropical island in the Bahamas and my very favourite car was one of these volkswagen dune buggies! loved that thing to death so decided to make one …so much harder than making a normal car as its open so you have to design the whole interior and the engine is on the outside …so again you have to build the whole engine! Will be worth the effort in the end though :slight_smile: Still a long way to go but have some of the basic shapes etc so far…


Awesome so far! :blush::+1:

Looking sweet Robert.

Like the wheels, and that looks like alot of work went into the rear.

Nice model as always! And, I am sure the reminiscent value of that well beloved dune buggy will make the effort worthwhile.

My step dad had one of these when I was growing up but, he had customized it, tweaked out the engine and used it as a showcase for custom sound systems he built back in the day. It actually took a few competition prizes.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: I will keep this thread updated with the models progress. Still have a great many parts to build before texturing.
Morgaine your step dads buggy sounds really cool … do you have any pictures of it?? They are really fun cars! Not very practical for say getting to work lol but tearing down a beach or some winding dirt road awesome :slight_smile: I nearly lost mine to the sea once! I was showing off to some girls I gave a ride too at 2am and went too close to the water on the beach …the tires dug in until the engine block ended up sitting on the sand …the tide was coming in fast haha we got it out in the nick of time water was already lapping against the side!

He had lots of fun with it. Gosh, I am not even sure where any of my pictures are since I moved. Will have to see what I can find and a scanner.

LOL sounds like you and the girls had quite the experience but glad it turned out well.

Progress: Added a few more parts and some basic textures just to see how its looking …windshield glass needs work lol…the engine has sooo many parts to make …intricate parts …really complex to build but it will make the buggy …alternators and pulley belts double pipe mufflers and caburettos with cool looking air filters etc etc

Morgaine i bet he had fun with it :slight_smile: Those cars are nothing but fun :slight_smile: don’t need a scanner just take a picture of a picture with your smart phone :slight_smile:


We do not have the dune buggy any longer. LOL I don’t have a smart phone…yes, way behind and too cheap to spend that kind of money on a smart phone. But, when I do find pictures, will try that idea with my iPad. The dune buggy was sold to another young many years ago. Last I had heard, his son was now driving it. It is not really a very practical vehicle where we live, no sand dunes to climb, plus would only be a summer vehicle here.

I think you need mud or sand on your tires. Don’t forget, after you finish modeling it you will need to create you some sand and water! :wink:

PROGRESS: Slowly but surely blocking out the engine …once done i will be on the final stretch…

Morgaine yes definately a summer car especially if you live somewhere thats cold in winter hahah …it was a practical car for me at 17 tearing around Paradise Island in the bahamas where rules just literally didn’t exist …im surprised i never run over any tourists going nuts on the beaches there haha …it was amazing for picking up tourist girls lol there were times they would just jump in when i was stopped in traffic haha … so if any teen agers are reading this that live on an island get a dune buggy will be the best thing you ever do lol Yes I will make a beach scene with the buggy once done and smother it in sand :slight_smile:


Ah, the days of our youth! :slight_smile:

It’s coming along quite nicely! Look forward to seeing the completed project slathered in sand and water!

Progress: A bunch of new parts have been born …a stick shifter…headlamps and signal lamps for the front…twin sports carbs……and instrument gauges and radio for the dash board …getting close to being done building parts and soon can start assembling and texturing beyond basics … maybe this post can help anyone thats new and wants to make a vehicle to see what it takes and the process behind building a car in Blender …or my process anyways …i find it best to build the car in a manner as close to building a real car as possible …start with the frame …then the body then move onto all the miscellaneous parts …a few test assemblies / renders and basic texturing to see how its all looking before final assembly adding fine details like sticthing in the leather seats and miscellaneous parts like the wiring before final uv unwrapping and advanced texturing :slight_smile:

Anyone reading this post that has built a car in Blender, whats your process of construction?


I was not going to make a frame for the buggy but realised that attaching the shocks and other parts just would not work without it …so in a backwards kind of construction …i have began building the frame and uncarriage pieces as the buggy won’t look right from all angles without it …kind of tricky but slowly coming along …blocked out the shocks …drive shafts…transmission…front bumper and under carriage parts and some other bits and pieces… One of these days i will be done building parts lol my computer is older and not the best for 3d …now as many more pieces are built things are starting to get very sluggish …even panning across the scene is slow and jerky …may have to build everything in seperate blend files and assemblel it all on a better computer hahah …i have actually had top stop projects before because everything just gets soooo slow as the model grows!


@rszarka you reached the stage that your computer can’t handle your awesome skills

Really really awesome buggy specially the tires they look so realistic! :blush:

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Thanks abdullah! The tires were a real pain to get right …i made about 4 different versions before finally settling on this one … I have several …probably 10 + projects hat are 90 percent done and just sitting there as they are now just too heavy for my computer! I really need to upgrade to a new computer …7 year old MacBook pro …was a great machine in its day but is just way too weak and outdated for 3d work with todays programs! The second a model or scene gets a bit complex everything starts getting really sluggish …the thinking wheel shows for everything…even the simple things like just translating a part …it makes progress very slow and annoying!

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Since i am documenting the whole construction process here decided to share these minor details as well…

A few more not so spectacular parts are born . …dashboard …side view mirrors …rear view mirror …shocks and front undercarriage …windshield wipers …radio antenna …alternator wires …some details added like red leather stitching to the seats and dash … almost ready to assemble it all and do some test renders before proper texturing /uv mapping …adding dust …dirt …scratches etc …goes to show a model is not really A model its a lot of models put together to make one model haha in the case of this dune buggy 30-50 models to make the one! The devil is in the details…

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So did a quick assembly and decided to fire off a few test renders @ 500 samples from each angle …they are so important for finding mistakes and I found a heap of them! The side view mirrors are too big …the gauges on the dashboard are too small …the rear view mirror is too small …i forgot the wire for the coil…the rear lights are unfinished…i hate the colour of the steering wheel…the steering wheel is also too far out from the dash…the engine should be wider…the chrome roll bar needs smoothing …the Recaro seats need a better bump map and shouldn’t be soo damned shiny lol So its back to the drawing board and to fixing all of these issues and then some !


I have not had much time to work on the buggy as i have been working my way through a few Blender courses …but i did manage to put this outdoor speaker together. that will go on the buggy…for as simple of a shape as it is …it was a surprising amount of work …all those ****** holes hahah …it didn’t turn out perfect a few small errors i have to fix …i have been saving all the individual parts models in the state before i apply the mirrors and modifiers …essentially building a library of car parts …that way if i ever want to build a car again i will have all these parts to chose from …will be much easier to modify existing parts to suit than to build a entirely new part! Anyone got any ideas of what else i should add to this buggy? Have i missed any parts ? I cant think of anymore apart from say maybe some decals like a palm tree on the side or a malibu bumper sticker or surf board or something…Anyone got any ideas of what else i could add to this model?

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LOL did you put in a “bare foot” gas pedal?

Lol Morgaine…no gas pedal as it would probably never show in any renders haha
All Parts are built and attached to the buggy now … Last few test renders @ 500 samples before final texturing where i will add realism …like sand/ scratches …dirt …faded paint …and probably make several colours of the buggy …different paints…maybe a few decals etc …


Ah, come on, Rszarka! Every dune buggy needs one of those groovy bare foot gas pedals! :slight_smile:

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