Maps in unity

Hey, I want to add a real world 2d map to my unity game and show the location of the players in it …
Can any one please help me with it ?

Step 1)
Download a 2D .png

Step 2)
Insert the .png into a Unity Project’s assets folder

Step 3)
Click the .png in the assets folder, and from the drop-down menu select ‘Sprite’ and ‘Apply’

Step 4)
Right-click the scene and under ‘UI’ add an image

Step 5)
Drag and drop the .png/sprite onto the Image’s source image in the inspector

Step 6)
Create a C# script

Step 6.1)
Cache a reference to the panel containing the image and sprite
Create an array of players
Assign all of the players from your game into this array

Step 6.2)
in the Update() function, do a foreach iteration of all of the players in the array
and get their position, then instantiate an icon at that position.

Step 7)
Revel in the glory

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