Mantleing Issues


Ive finished course but remain with an issue on Mantleing.
I can only mantle One way.
So player goes forward over the pipe all works fine, however if i turn around and try to go back it will not mantle.
Also when i go left player will not mantle in that direction or to the right
WIll only mantle in the direction of the player when the game starts.
I have checked the code against Gorka’s and it appears correct.
I am thinking it has something to do with ‘local’ or ‘world’ position but cannot figure it out.

Anyone had similiar problem and got it fixed ?

Thanks in advance

Well there you go - it helps to write down the problem.

Solution - So it was my error I had used a ‘Get Forward Vector’ node in the second ‘For Loop’ where i should have used ‘Get Actor Forward Vector’.

Duh !!

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