Managed To Survive Ludum Dare

"a bit long post"
TLDR: my ludum dare entry, click on the link to try it out. i’ve kind of survived it and im happy and just thought of sharing both my game and relief.

hey everyone as the tittle says, i think… i kind of somehow managed to survive ludum dare :slight_smile:
i’d like to thank Ben for the great unity course he has given us, its been a while since i have completed it, although i do remmber before starting it, it was the time of the year where ludum dare had been going., i remmber looking at it and thinking “wish i could join” but i couldnt since i was basically, Just Starting out with the basics of programming and the course. but now, this time around, i manged to not just enter it, but survive im quite glad, so, thanks for the wonderful course ben.

though in all honesty, i almost gave up last night, four hours before completing the game, after working non stop on completing it, im quite glad i didnt give up :smiley: but, as they say, the hardest two parts are the first Step and the last step.
sure, i had to sacrafice a cool menu, and Audio, but, i Kind of made it… 2 hours before the deadline, it was 2 am and just couldnt hang on for more so i’ve uploaded it and i think that counts does it?

my game overview:

Elsa, Caster of the sun stones.
you play as Elsa : your goal is to protect your home land for 360 seconds, and cleanse it from the monsters if you can.

on your right, there are mean Fishus moths polluting and assaulting the right side of your land.
on your left, there are evil flies that are occupying your land.
you can either go cleanse them, and activate the shield quickly or wait your health to keep increasing and play it safe and only protect your home once the enemies start coming at whats remaining of your home.

Controls Are : {WASD} movement, {Space/J} for Jump and {Left-Click/Left-Control} for throwing stones.

your abilities:1. you can shoot stones at enemies
2. you gain one health point every 20 second

notes: shield is invisible and is activated once you get 50 points (you’ll notice it when enemies start arriving dont worry, when you get teleported you just have to defend that spot :smiley: )

Hope you enjoy, or try it :slight_smile: .

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Well done mate!!!

An absolutely fantastic milestone and achievement you hit there.
Alot of folk start but never complete it, but you did it.

For a first entry and over a weekend, I enjoyed playing it, theres a heap of nice things in there.

Keep it up
round of applause

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thank you for your kind words,
im very glad that you at least found some nice things in it.

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