Man Walks Dog in a Park - GIMP Course

My description of ‘Man Walking a Dog in a Park’ in 5 (32x32) .png images. I really like my Park Icon. :smiley: But I guess my dog looks more of a monkey with the long tail. :joy: What do you guys think?

Man Walking Dog Arrow Park

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@HamzaMcKhan - looks like I’m just a couple of weeks behind you in the course. Yeah, your park icon is neat. It’s definitely challenging to put an image in an 8x8 area, but I’m having fun! Here’s my images:

man dog man-walks-dog park

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@retromatey - Wow, great job done man! :raised_hands: Love the dog’s face. Man walking the dog, and the tree, both of them, really cool as well. I find your images more easily understandable and way more finely describing ‘Man Walks Dog in a Park’, than mine. :smile:

Yeah, you’re right, it really is challenging. I wasn’t fully happy with these images of mine above, except for the park. But I’m realizing now, how important this stage of the course was for getting the creative juices flowing, as Michael says. Try to enjoy it to the fullest.

Also, really fun stuff coming up ahead. We’re in this together. :v:

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