Make your game Beautiful

Hey Guys,
It is pretty easy to give your game functionality and mechanics. I have found it pretty hard to make your 3d game look beautiful. After some research, i have found that Shaders can make your game much much more beautiful. Coding shaders is hard. There are some assets on the asset store like Shader Forge, which makes it is easier to make shaders, but still it’s pretty hard to get started with.
I was wondering if anyone knows how to make 3d games look beautiful, add effects like glowing lights, give your game sci fi look or how to make a terrain look natural like some studio games are.
Share what you think makes your game gorgeous, any particular assets you use.

It depends what you think is beautiful, I love the look of AAA games like The Last of Us by Naughty Dog but also much more stylized games like Journey on PSN Store. I know my Blockbreaker game (Hex-Smasher, isn’t the most amazing looking, but I did create all my own assets and backgrounds.
If you are creating 3D assets I highly recommend creating shaders in Substance Designer/Painter. I’ve been doing 3D art for nearly 10 years and it the best software I’ve used, and it didn’t take too long to become familiar with it, its also fairly cheap for high end software and it can be used, while you pay for it monthly, once its paid up your monthly subscription ends, and you own the license. Its free if you are a student.

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