Mak Morn Corp. proudly presents

… the completed, most advanced high tech RoBlock.
This prototype is equipped with a top notch A.I. and second to none on the wide field of drones, robots and self-regulatory mechanic units.
Of course it comes with peaceful intentions only - we promise :smirk:

(I am sorry for posting this twice, the first time I missed the right category --> 8_IN_BCC)


Wow this really came a long way! Nicely done.

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This is such a cool idea. I’m trying to figure out what’s sitting there in the background because it’s a little dark. Are those rockets? Why are they in the same room with the RoBlock? Also I’m interested to know how you wrote the text on the toolbox.

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Hi Alexandra,
thank you!
To better see the backgrounditems I’ll add the picture rendered with Eevee:

And naturally those rockets are strictly for peaceful purposes as well; beneath other strategies RoBlock is also programmed in handling these items in a safe manner.

For the text I added a plane and scaled it to the right size for the toolbox, then I did the text itself with Krita and created a rectangular new file (I think it is 1000x400 pxl), painted a bit in very light colors onto it and finally wrote the text with Krita’s texttool.
Afterwards I saved it as png and added it as texture to the plane within the shader in Blender. That’s all and it was pretty fast. Hope I helped you with this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Tyger! The initial RoBlock was more of a pre-prototype, so Mak Morn Corp. decided to upgrade some of the components to a better armor. Uhhh… I wanted to say shell, not armor!

Oh you’re using Krita. I sometimes do drawings in it too, it’s a really cool software, but I never actually used the text option before. Will definitely give it a go. Thanks!

Oh, and wouldn’t it be more natural if the RoBlock had its arms down? This pose with stretched out arms seems pretty weird to me.

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Krita is a great programm, I totally agree with you - In February I started with Krita and around March I decided I should give Blender a try as well. Since then I only used Krita so little, it is a shame… but this 3d possibilities here really got me tracked!

You are right about the pose; I posted it in the charactercourse and at this point there was no rigging. Didn’t want to go too much ahead by showing a rigged and posing char, so I thought that a freshly constructed RoBlock might just stand this way until you turn on the switch and activate it’s software :slightly_smiling_face:
Well, let’s see what the RoBlock turns out to be when activated…

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I’m guessing it’s gonna be fun to animate the RoBlock. Maybe it could lean down and pick up something from the box, or one of the very safe rockets in the background. Or it could screw/unscrew its own arm. That would be amazing. Are you planning on getting into animation eventually?

Those are actually some really nice ideas for the acting.
Yeah, somehow I am into doing animations because I started with all of this in February to create videogames. So my chars need to be animated, but I do not think that I could make it to a movie or something like that. The animations I have made so far are more lie walking, running, jumping etc.
For sure the RoBlock will get animated, it already has a rig, but the Mesh isn’t asigned to the rig yet. Are you into animating?

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I’ve never done animating before, so you’re already better off than I am. I’ve only seen some random fragments of how it works on YT, but never put them to practice. Animation is where I stopped in the main blender course in favour of the environment one. I’m pacing it pretty slowly because I enjoy making my own projects in parallel with what’s within the courses. Right now for instance, I’m working on a project for this week’s challenge. You should check it out too, it’s pretty fun.

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Totally understandable, only doing the courses feels like getting a bit off from the own creativity from time to time. On the other hand Adam Duff (Lucidpixul on YT) once said something like you have to put your own creativity into every object. Seemed reasonable to me, so I try this at the moment.
The challenge of last week was great fun and I am already thinking about the very challenge; since I can’t name a single favourite movie I will have to choose on of my favourites or do a mesh up. It’ll probably depend on the time I am going to find. Are you already working on your challenge project?

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Yeah, almost done actually. By the end of the day I should be able to upload it. It’s pretty simple so it didn’t take long. You’ll see :slight_smile:

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I am looking forward to see what you have created :grinning:

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Just uploaded it :smiley:

[Thought that should be connected… ^^]
(M3xx - A typical day in a mech's life)
This is a short clip I made to the topic of mechs and RoBlocks.


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