Made the coffee table from the corner of my longue room

I decided that I need some more practice with Blender before I continued the course since I only started it last Tuesday, so I decided to make the coffee table that my TV sits on. Next up I might actually make the TV and incense burner I have sitting on it.


Just made a mock up of the TV that sits on the table with a little artistic license so I could get used to how different materials work on different objects and to practice with the bevel tool a little more.


I ended up making the incense holder and a soda can too.

The incense holder took me about 15 minutes of the soda can about an hour. I made the tab on the soda can green for contrast reasons.


Great! You really got the shapes down. One thing that helps when modeling some furniture is to bevel the edges, even if just a touch, because in real life there is never such razor sharp edges! In think it’s Ctrl-B to use the bevel tool.

Anyway nice work!

Thanks for the input!

I was a little concerned about over using the bevel tool because I’ve only just started the chess stuff and Michael has instilled the importance of low polygons on me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even so, before the last week of June I didn’t even know how to move the cube around Blender, let alone rotate around it so I’m pleased with my progress and more than happy for feedback! :slight_smile:

Facebook is a bit more responsive than here but I’m currently banned from there for the time being… I’ll have that worked out in a month at most.

Your feedback regardless is greatly appreciated!

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