Mac OSX Class Viewer menu not available

There is a known issue in Unreal that prevents Mac users from accessing the menu bar with the Filter and View options. Impact is that Mac users cannot view any classes outside of Actor using the class viewer.

Could have sworn this was mentioned by @ben somewhere

I found it by searching the captions repo, it was in “Introducing Input Binding” in Section 3.

Didn’t know that was a thing, good to know.

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keyword virtual is responsible of polymorphism
override maybe means that this function is override from parents class, because virtual function must be override
but Super I don;t know what means such keyword has Java Python… but it dose not exist in C++
I also have a few question:

what means underline order?
what is different inheritance and components?
components is inheritance or not?
and the object which is created in the lecture is component or inheritance object?

does it means that we create object(class PositionReport) for chair(static mash)?

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