Lusty Lamps - Acrobatic Edition

Wowza, animating has been very fun and challenging, absolutely loving getting into the nitty gritty! I have since cleaned up some of the moving animations in the middle but didn’t fancy re-rendering all of it.

I for some reason had the idea of going for an acrobatic animation. Had some issues with certain parts that hopefully might get cleared up in the future lectures.


  • wasn’t able to do a double backflip because of quaternion axis?
  • after the bulb fell out I couldn’t move the lamp head because the bulb was still parented. Unparenting the object then changed its location even when clicking “keep transform”

Still turned out very acrobatic despite problems. very clever.


I have to agree. A very clever animation.


The animation made me smile at the end!
Animation takes a lot of preparation.
You need to have a plan. Which also determines how to model and rig.

A trick is to use an EMPTY and make it parent to the lamp.
That way you can easily rotate the lamp using the empty, without influencing the other armature related stuff.
Also, shoot multiple sequences.
Like the moment when the bulb needs its own animation. Then you used a different file with different lamp gigging. So knowing in front what kind of movement you need helps a lot.

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Great work, I really enjoyed watching! :clap:

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Thanks very much, the lessons were super helpful! amazing what a few hours patience and a cup of tea can achieve!

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Some very good tips here!
Yes, I gathered as much when I reached the next section. Having my bulb as a separate animated object made connecting my mesh to the armature modifier a bit of a nightmare.

Will definitely keep this sort of stuff in mind for the future!

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