Ludum Dare #39 - Lander

First time ever doing a LD or any Jam for that matter.

so thought id give it a bash, start small and try and get it finished over the weekend.
Try and juggle it around daily family life with kids dogs etc. but do my best :slight_smile:

So the theme is “Running out of power…”

First thing that came to mind was a lunar lander when you only have certain amount of fuel to get to the base. here goes!

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start with getting a simple ship model knocked up in Blender and into Unity.
at this point, needed to make sure the pivot point of the model is in the main part that I want it to rotate around, dont want to have to mess about with empties too much in unity to get things placed right at this point.


Awesome Darren!
Im participating too! I’m planning to do a mini 2D top down adventure, the main character is a Sun Flower and it gets stronger at day and weaker at night xD Legend of Sunflower haha :joy:

Looking forward to playing your game :smiley:


Sweet, nice idea :slight_smile:

im gonna be reusing alot of the movement mechanics I used for my asteroids clone save me reinventing the wheel, and try and concentrate on the framework as a whole.

keep us posted Johnny!


ok so got the simple ship mechanics done. going to quicky follow and try and implement sebastians cave generation tutes to get a cave generation pathway.

see once thats done and get a starting square at the left, and an end square at the right, and see if I can then join them up.
least this way the end and start point can be a preset mesh shape and consistent.

more coffee i think.


I’m doing the Day/night mechanic, now I’m going to proceed to make collision and lose/win condition too, I need to make the camera follow the player after that =x

Are you going to make an webgl build too obo?

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yeah, gonna be a WGL build, easier to share that way and post on the LD page :slight_smile:

U doing a straight forward camera follow with offset, or a smooth with a deadzone in it (a la mario type) ?

not sure what im going with, done a straight forward offset follow, but I do have a script already done with smoothing for the minigolf project, so i might try and butcher that if I have time.

I made one with a deadzone (actually I just added 4 colliders without mass xD)

Current State:


I should never have went with ProcGen terrain, its taking a loooong time wrapping my old brain around it.
(the saturday night couple of beers isnt helping greatly either lol)
but onward and upward, still got a day…

still got to tie the mesh together, and have the start end end goals, and then work on the power mechanic and not forgetting the UI, but ive got a few UI templates that I can butcher to get the proto working hopefully


Wow, that progen map looks awesome, I wish I knew how to do something similar :open_mouth:
Im sure you are going to manage it :slight_smile: seems that you have completed the hardest part

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You guys rock! Nice work :slight_smile:

im working through a tute from Sebastian ,

and adapting as i go to suit what I want to get out of it, its alot heavier than I thought. although im quite comfortable with the core concepts and coding structures, its the implementing of the crazy algortithms thats frying my brain (wasnt much to fry at midnight).

wrong time i think to go learning something on this scope over a weekend task :frowning:
true @Joao_Dalvi, i think once the terrain is done, the rest should click together at a decent pace.

hitting any mad hurdles along the way so far, or you managed to dodge them?

ah well kettles back on, time to get on with it again.

Incidentally, I’m pretty sure that author of that tutorial has a YouTube channel, I think I’m following it… hang on…

Yep, I thought I recognised the name, here you go;

Some interesting bits and bobs… apologies for the off-topic, but thought you may both appreciate the link :slight_smile:

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yeh, i subscribed to his stuff :wink:
over the last couple of years hes brought out some neat little video series, with the sort of style you dont normally see.
sometimes pretty hard to follow from a learning point, but ive got to go through them a few times and use some other sites for learning the smaller points. but all in all pretty interesting.

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Hello guys =D
Sorry for the delay to answer =x busy day trying to make the art (there is some to make yet, such as UI, the main char and the grass texture) xD I’ll share later, still haven’t done anything regarding level design, but it is almost everything set to start doing it.

Current progress:


oh man, im rapidly running out of time. note to self DO NOT try and learn stuff, especially mad stuff when trying to get something out quick!

still a bit of texturing, UI and end state to do, least another 4-5 hours worth i think to get a working proto done…

so far…

need alot more tweaks, and some of the passageways are waaay too narrow :frowning:


and dont forget, ive still a quick minimap to pop on the UI too, so player knows where to head too, but that shouldnt be too hard as the maps all in an 2d int array (he said hopefully lol)


They extented it, it will be possible to submit a hour later. How is it going Daz?

I’ll make sure to take a look at Sebastian’s tuto later!

I managed to finish mine in time:

bandicam 2017-07-30 21-38-49-223

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Nice one @Joao_Dalvi :slight_smile: glad you got it done had a few shots, nice work btw, I on the other hand ran out of time for the Compo, so Ive submitted mine for the Jam (for us lesser mortals lol)

[EDIT] Re-built and re-uploaded to an alternative host [EDIT]
well heres mine…

hope it works, I cant tell if its my side thats **** or not, the build seems to work ok locally. I might have to reupload :frowning:

minimap was quite an easy little addition to get working, never tried it before, but seems to have worked ok.

front page

Quick in game screenshot

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Hey Daz, glad you managed to finish it in time to the Jam :smiley: and it is looking very good.
I wasn’t able to play it though =/ I had some similar problems with my webgl build, something was messing up with the execution order, which usually seems to be the reason why my webgl builds crashes, I just changed some methods that were on Start to Awake or used some external trigger.
Let me know if you build it again so I can try it (even Windows build)

I’m making a Standard Asset to use in my games, since I’ve started to participate in the onegameamonth challenge/. I’m building it because I don’t want to rebuild some mechanics from scratch such as Menu, custom events etc for every game. It really helped me to speed up the production of Legend of Sunflower, if you and @Rob want it I can add you to the bitbucket repo so you can use it too, I have many things to add and I’m slowly incrementing it.

It already has things such as custom window to make changes in mass to the UI elements (changing all buttons with one click, or all texts, or everything that have an specific tag) , custom events such as OnReset, OnPause, OnUnpause, OnWin, OnLose, OnLevelWasLoaded etc. and a few other things too within a Master Prefab

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