LSD based Text Adventure

Has ‘health’ stat and responds to any key press!! Wow!

Let me know if it made you smile:

First two made sense, but the Big Bang one I had to resort to trial and error through the alphabet (‘e’ as in e = mc^2?) - it would’ve made more sense (I know, expecting sense from an LSD trip, crazy :stuck_out_tongue:), or at least been more consistent if the answer was ‘O’ - a sound-alike answer in the same way the first two are. As it is (and maybe this is because I don’t watch Big Bang), most letters can be used in a mathematical sense (a^2 + b^2 = c^2, i and j in imaginary numbers, x, y, and z as common unknown variables etc.).

An interesting extension/variant of the escape mechanics though :thumbsup: (now to wait for my eyes to stop bleeding…)

Awesome. Thanks for playing and leaving the comments - you’ve made my day.

Maths geek time: Leonard is named after Leonard Euler, a famous mathematician who has a number named after him. e ~ 2.718…

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