Low Poly Wandering Mage

Hello! I’ve spent the past few days working on a humanoid mage model, and I am fairly happy with it! This is probably my first successful human model / rig, so I thought I would share it with you. Here it is:

Now, since I was using Cycles Render, the materials got pretty screwed up and I had to add them back, so they may not look right. Anyways, this will be used in an upcoming game, that I hope to spend a really long time on. I’m not done with all the animations yet, so this is an early version of the model. So, do you guys like it? How do you think I could improve? What would you give it out of 10? Please tell, I eat up the feedback I get. :smile:

On a side note, please ignore the Mage|WalkingRight animation. I have no idea what it’s doing there.


You can delete animations from inside Sketchfab’s editor. I know this because I stuffed up my pony animation, but luckily Sketchfab allows for such fix-it-work :smiley:

I did, not sure why it didn’t save.

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