Low Poly Scolar's Mate

Hi there,
here are my 3 final renders about the chess set I created. They were made with Eevee.

  1. Victory:

  2. Dark Shadows:

  3. The Assassination:

I hope you like them.

I’m not completely satisfied with the knight but I didn’t want to “waste” more time on it. After I completed it I saw that it would’ve been easier if I would not obsessively avoid rotating the newly extended faces. I don’t know why, but I tried to do everything with the move and scale transformations when I was in Edit Mode. Probably because I was too afraid that I couldn’t realign my vertices into a horizontal formation.
Well… I’m going to be more experienced for the next challenge. :slight_smile:

This was a great chapter. I’m looking forward to learn how to animate a lamp. See you there! :slight_smile:



Job well done! I like the shots and the choice of materials.

Knight is hardest part of this section. Most people struggle with it. You can revisit it later, after you gain more experience.

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nice texture.

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