Low Poly? Machine Gun Turret

I really wanted to share this model especially, because I think it is one of the coolest models I’ve done so far! :smile: This is a turret I am using for a tower defense game in the works. I used a reference image from a game called 2112TD, and hopefully I won’t get a copyright strike or something. Anyways, here it is in sketchfab:

The reason why I put the “?” after “Low Poly” in the title, because I tried to make it low poly, but it ended up being 3.1k verticies, and 2.9k tris. Anyways, what do you guys think? What should I improve? What would you rate it out of 10? :wink:


Very Awesome! :sunglasses:

I would give you a 10 mate! That looks like a professional designed game assets! awesome!

@rszarka @AbdullahAbdin thank you guys so much! :smile:

Very cool!

Really awesome! Very Team-Fortress-esc :smiley:

Certainly looks very cool. :slight_smile:

The top barrel however, looks slightly too far apart from the rest; not really ideal in a rotary weapon. Should be an easy fix, though! Just spread the other 4 out a tiny bit 'til they look just right. :slight_smile:

Other than that, very well done!

@Zii @Guillocuda Thanks a ton! :smiley: I did space the barrels out roughly by eye, so they were bound to be off a little. I’ll be sure to change it, thanks!

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Cool, I like the belt-feed and the buttons on the side.

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