Low Poly House and Trees One Real Rendered Tree Cycles


Interesting. If you are not going tot use all those verts on the plane for a more subtle undulating ground then they are a high vert cost to no use.

The tree is interesting if it is some local type that grows leaves direct from branches like that? On the whole they grow out of twigs and smaller stalks. Usually clumping in little groups due to it.

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I subdivided it quiet a bit I agree it is a waste of space perhaps I can add some more terrain what do you suggest ? And I used the sapling tree add on with blender I also have mtree Add on I did not use it yet ! I am going to try the scatter add on for blender and manually make trees as well Iā€™m wondering if the paid scatter is better then the free blender ? I think I have learned modeling Enough to start a story board for a game now. I will be using the unreal engine. I am wondering if unity is easier ? Throw any info you can I have your class for unreal learning and I have a couple of classes to top that of too!

Undulating Ground Roger That

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