Low Polly House

first time using blender, took me about 4 hours while watching the course at the same time. was really fun, will watch another course for sure !


Hi and welcome.

did you upload a transparent (alpha channel) .PNG?
GameDev makes it .JPG, hence the white background.

Yeah, I didn’t find any BG that I liked behind that floating house so I just left it transparent. Even tho’ it would probably be better to left it black.


I think leaving it black would still have made it hard to see, so I’ll suggest a dark grey background, and a bit more light on the floating house, or all the details will still be lost.

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I wanted it to be like sunrise or something simillar so i tried to lighten it up a bit and added this redish color. doesn’t look too bad, i think.


Actually, I’m really liking it with the color you chose for the background, and the new lighting. Looking much better. :slight_smile:

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