Lovakratia: In Development


VIDEO of version 0.04

Graphics: Unity Asset Store
Music: Peter Gunder, myself
Programming: Ben Tristen, myself
Voice-over: Myself
Story: Myself


Version 0.04

Full implementation of CTS (Complete Terrain Shader), AQUAS water, Enviro environment effects with full weather system and day and night cycle, ootii camera and new health bar (the latter is not visible yet).



Version 0.05

Terrein detail optimization. Enemy health bars always facing the camera.


Version 0.06

More interesting terrain. Rotating objects, like this windmill, including timed woosh sounds.

VIDEO of windmill and enemy health bar


in your video, at abour 0:31 seconds in while walking on the side of that rock… seemed like there was something preventing you from moving to the right (closer to the right)… which kept your character sliding off left while walking forwards. Am I right, or just seeing things?


You are absolutely right! As for now these are still placeholders, but the standard collider boxes are a bit too big and need to be tuned manually.


It looks cool


Version 0.07

Enemies now chase players. Frist they were moving very erratingly, but I found out this had to do with their turn speed. When I decreased it to 10%, they started behaving a lot more natural. Sometimes the animations get stuck, but these are placeholders anyway: this is mainly about the enemies going after the player when he gets close, and stopping the chase when the player is too far away.

Also added the start of the story line as audio.