Lost In The Vast White Diagramm

Here it is after roughly a day and a half of work.

It’s not very convoluted or anything fancy, however.

Ayway, I particularly enjoyed this excercise. I learned a couple of things I didn’t expect:

  • I tend to loose myself in unnecesary descriptions and information. I gave myself a general line limit and it was rare the state where I didn’t cut or reword content to fit that limit.
  • It was a wonderful feeling to start the excercise with a couple of vague images of what I wanted to accomplish and once I started pulling the strings lots of new situations and ideas I didn’t even think of them before starting popping into my head.
    -This excercise is rather tiny in the grand scheme of things, but I have had a glimpse on how actually challenging writing for big projects must be.

Great job with everything you are on your way to be a writer in the industry! Keep up the amazing work🔥

Thanks!! That would actually be a dream come true :grin:

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