LooneyLips and .json file

LooneyLips works successfully while I am in the editor, but once I export it I am having issues. When I export it I am also making sure to add in the .json file:

If I export it with debug then it runs on Mac and HTML5, but doesn’t seem to read in the .json file: (It should have the prompt displaying below the welcome)
If I export it without debug it won’t run at all.

I am not sure where the problem might be here are the two functions which possibly might be related, but it seems like everything is correct…

func set_current_story():
var stories = get_from_json(“StoryBook.json”)
current_story = stories[randi() % stories.size()]

func get_from_json(filename):
var json_file = File.new()
json_file.open(filename, File.READ)
var text = json_file.get_as_text()
var data = parse_json(text)
return data