Looking for teammembers for a stylistic Survival-Horror-RPG (learn project) [Canceled]

Dear reader,

I´m currently developing with the Unreal-Engine some game-prototypes to get used to the engine. I´m now getting to a point, where I want to start my first “real” project to develop my skills even further and to get used to team-collaboration.

So the whole purpose of this thread is to get a handful game-developers together (artists,modelers, story-writers, etc. ), who would love to spend their free time to create a “real” game for PC to get used to the pipelines and to get a lot of additionally knowledge during the development. Maybe working on their portfolio, getting out of their comfort-zone, to get a motivational boost or just to get somewhere “in” and be productive.


“A 12 year old boy never experienced fear and had always a feeling of security. One day, everything he was used to, dissapeared because of a security breach. So the time has come to explore the world around his secure hometown and make his own experiences with everything unknown.” (create an adventure experience like in lord of the rings, between the start until they got to Bree (book focused))

The goal is to create an environment, where the player needs to find out, what will help and what will harm himself to get to the storydriven end, the survival-aspect and character-development will play a major role. My goal is to have a “tactical-indirect” combat-system. A little boy can`t just kill everything with pure power, he needs to think, test, try out and repeat with another solution. Every threat should be a challenge, from simple hunting-tasks to self-defending from supernatural creatures during water-search.


As I´ve always loved stylized games, I surely want to create one. The main reason is: the art is timeless and would look even at a later point “playable”. Also the assets are “easier” and faster to create (Zelda Windwaker Style/low poly)


  • UnrealEngine
  • GitHub
  • Trello ( can be discussed)
  • VS
  • Skype/ TS/ Discord

Rest is up to you (Maya, Blender, PS, GIMP, etc. )


  • PC


I´m currently working alone on the project and creating the world-profiles with a freelancer to be able to get a believable world and some start-points for the concept-art. I´ve decided to start an early team member search
to get them involved as early as possible to help shaping the game and to work together on the GameDesign.


The main-goal of this project is mainly to learn and get used to the development-process inside a team, as I mentioned. So, the only requirement is to have the motivation to work on the project and be able to fullfill one or more positions. The skill-level is not relevent. So we`re not going to get money out of it for the main-reason. I want to create a fun game and learn as much as possible, to be able to present a real “finished” project as a free to play game.

I´m just better in learning stuff, when I´m working on a bigger project and solving problems myself, so I decided to start a community based project. Also I´m kinda get more motivation out of it =) Seeing how other people are working on the same project and how much effort they put in gives you a huge amount of inspiration.

Final words

If you read through all of this and would be interested in joining such a project, I´d be glad to hear from you in a personal message and we can have a chat. Currently every spot is opened! If you have any additionally questions, don`t hesitate to ask.

  • Programmers
  • 2D Concept-Artists
  • 3D-Artists (modeling and texturing)
  • 3D-Animators
  • Story-Writers
  • GameDesigner

P.S. I´m a C++ Developer, who would love to focus on the coding stuff without the need to additionally create every asset by hand. But currently learning Maya besides programming.


It’s a cool idea I would like to join the Team.
I have just completed the blender course and am going to do the unreal engine course from ben.
So i would like to put my knowledge to the test in this project.


sorry, but I cancelled the project.

Hi @Dom_Cabrinha, any objections to me closing the topic, it will save other people thinking that it might still be something they can join.

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