Look at my Block Breaker

Hi Everyone,

I have completed my version of Block Breaker.

  • I have different sounds
  • More boards
  • Unusual board layout


And that is about it for now. Please take a look and let me know.


Standley Eugene

Hi Standley,

WOW, that’s a lot of bricks. :joy: I think there are too many bricks in the first level, so it takes too long to finish it, and it makes it a bit hard. It’d be better to increase the quantity of bricks progressively, IMO.

Unless you created the ULTIMATE Block Breaker. In that case :wink:

Hey estand25

Like your music :wink:

You may wish to play around a bit with your gravity/velocity as I keep getting the ball stuck at the bottom. Mind you, it may be that i’m just rubbish :wink:

Thanks for the feedback JoseCuenca & Paul_Land.

I updated the brick’s layout so that I increase the number of bricks progressively. I have also added 3 paddle lives option. I updated the velocity too. Please take a look and let me know if you notice anything else. Now I’m moving to Laser Defender.



Standley Eugene

Looking good to me :slight_smile: I played the first 3 levels and while it takes awhile there’s nothing wrong with that, the sound is good, and the difficulty seems alright; one thing I think I noticed was some misaligned blue bricks in level 3, but I could be mistaken. Nice work!

Nice job man. The fact that you took the criticism given to you and made the changes needed is huge. One of the biggest qualities needed for game development is being able to work with others, and using the feedback given to improve your projects. If you ever decide to come back to this project, I can help you on adding a point system.

also for the lives, if you set the hasStarted bool back to false when it makes contact with the lose collider while you still have lives left, the ball will stick back to the paddle and the player can hit space again to continue playing. the way it is right now makes it hard to prepare since the ball starts back up right away. Other than that, great job man!

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Thanks, Program33, That is the plan. At the moment I am working on another class in just android development so I have not had time to start on Laser Defender, but I planned to go back to this one as soon as I get that done. And thanks for the information about the hasStart boolean. It makes perfect sense now. I should have seen it.

Don’t feel bad. It took me a hour and constant screaming at my stuffed duck before I figured it out. yes, my girlfriend got me a stuffed animal duck for debugging. No shame.haha

Re4gNarsil, thanks for looking at my game too. And you’re not wrong a couple of the bricks are misaligned. I know about it and planned it that way. As you move through the game the bricks get more aligned on to each other here and there.

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